Faculty Research Interests

ARNOLD, L. Eugene (MD; Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry)

  • Tourette syndrome
  • aromatic therapy and autism spectrum disorder
  • omega fatty acids and mood disorders
  • neurofeedback and ADHD
  • nutrition and mental health
  • clinical trials

HAVERCAMP, Susan M. (PhD; Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Psychology)

  • disability education for healthcare providers
  • Access to healthcare for people with disabilities
  • Health promotion
  • Health surveillance

IZZO, Margo (PhD; Program Director, Special Education and Transitions)

  • digital curricula in high schools (increasing reading achievement, IT literacy, self-determination)
  • define/refine employment goals on IEPs
  • effects of postsecondary programs: education/employment to increase the employment outcome

LECAVALIER, Luc (PhD; Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry)

  • behavior and emotional problems in children with developmental disabilities
  • anxiety disorders and ASD
  • repetitive behaviors
  • Treatment interventions: parent training, medication, behavioral intervention

RABIDOUX, Paula (PhD, CCC-SLP; Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Speech and Hearing Science)

  • social play and communication development
  • communication and language disorders
  • parent child interaction in emergent literacy
  • graduate training and leadership development

TASSÉ, Marc J. (PhD; Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry)

  • assessment and psychometrics (item response theory)
  • adaptive behavior
  • problem behavior & psychiatric disorders
  • health issues
  • Intervention strategies in ASD and ID

WALTON, Katie (PhD; Assistant Professor of Psychology)

  • early intervention in Autism spectrum disorder
  • effectiveness and different models of service delivery
  • parent and sibling training
  • social skills training

WITWER, Andrea (PhD; Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology)

  • emotional assessment and applied behavior analysis
  • family stress
  • early screening and surveillance of autism spectrum disorder
  • early intervention & developing IFSP goals measure