Who EnvisionIT Serves

EnvisionIT was designed for inclusive classrooms but can be taught in special education settings. The full curriculum was designed for implementation across an academic year, but several abbreviated models are also available for semester electives, integrated courses, or career advisory periods. EIT is flexible and may be customized depending on the unique needs of the classroom. We provide a Stratified Site Map that depicts the full curriculum alongside a crosswalk of abbreviated course models and aims to help teachers make decisions about implementation.

EnvisionIT is great for students!

EnvisionIT helps students learn about their learning styles and career interests, identify & research potential career matches, and develop their career goals after high school. For students with disabilities and their families, EnvisionIT can be a useful tool for meeting the transition goals of the IEP and promoting student self-determination.

EnvisionIT is great for families!

EnvisionIT creates opportunities for parents and other family members to get involved with the transition planning of their child or relative.

EnvisionIT is great for teachers!

EnvisionIT is a standards-based curriculum that teaches the 21st Century skills students need for success in school and work.

EnvisionIT is great for schools!

EnvisionIT equips schools with a college and career readiness curriculum that can meet federal mandates, state policy, and national standards, including:

  • Every Student Succeeds Act: Digital & blended learning
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Indicator 13 requirements
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act: Pre-employment transition services
  • Ohio’s Career Advising Policy: Student success plans
  • Connecticut’s CORE Transition Skills: Student assisted IEP process
  • Common Core State Standards: English Language Arts
  • National Standards: Technology, transition, and financial literacy


For more information, review the EnvisionIT Handout.

Transition Services

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(E) transitions@osumc.edu

Program Director/Principal Investigator: Margaretha Izzo, Ph.D.