What is EnvisionIT?

EnvisionIT (EIT) is a free, evidence-based, standards-aligned, college and career readiness curriculum for 21st century students in middle and high school. EIT is a teacher-guided, digital curriculum for students with and without disabilities focused on helping students develop key literacy and career skills needed for the 21st Century workplace.

The EnvisionIT curriculum is designed to teach fundamental 21st Century skills to students with and without disabilities in 4 key competency areas:

  1. Transition Planning/Career Readiness
  2. Information Technology (IT) Literacy
  3. Reading/Writing
  4. Financial Literacy

Throughout the curriculum, students complete activities in these areas and build a comprehensive Transition Portfolio, which is the culminating product of the curriculum. Activities leading up to the completion of a Transition Portfolio include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Completing online learning and transition assessments
  2. Researching careers and postsecondary programs
  3. Developing a resume and cover letter
  4. Writing a personal statement and career narrative
  5. Completing employment and college applications
  6. Creating a high school course schedule

These activities require students to directly apply what they learn from unit content in order to set measurable postsecondary goals and develop a realistic plan for attaining these goals. Additionally, the Transition Portfolio serves as a deliverable that students can update and reuse for their career path after completing the EnvisionIT course.

EIT is delivered through a learning management system called Schoology, but the curriculum and teacher resources are also available on Google Drive for Google Classroom or alternative platforms: go.osu.edu/eitlibrary.

To gain access to EIT on Schoology: (1) Go to https://www.schoology.com and create a free account; (2) Join the EnvisionIT Teachers Group with the following access code: Q933T-7PJSF.

Though the EIT curriculum is online, active teacher participation and guidance in the classroom is strongly recommended, and additional adult mentor activities are included as enrichment resources. The EIT curriculum was not designed to be strictly a virtual curriculum.  For optimal student results, teachers should pace students through the EIT curriculum and supplement the curriculum with their own instruction. We encourage teachers to customize the curriculum to meet the instructional needs of their students.

For more information, review the EnvisionIT Handout.

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Program Director/Principal Investigator: Margaretha Izzo, Ph.D.