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Welcome to the 2020 Nisonger Center In‘Sights’ Photo Contest!

The Nisonger In’Sights’ Photo Contest first began in 2014 as a way to help increase positive images of individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities and their families. Since then, with themes varying from ‘at work’ , ‘technology’ and ‘families’; we’ve received over 500 photos and been able to use them in a multitude of settings and variety of media including our website, facebook page, and various promotional, educational and research materials – THANK YOU!  This year’s theme is ‘Sports and Play Activities’. Submit photos of yourself or others playing sports or engaging in other play activities; doing things you love, spending time with family and/or friends… we can’t wait to see how you capture what you/others enjoy by using only a camera and your imagination. Looking forward to seeing those images – GOOD LUCK!

** please be sure to print, complete (and provide auto assigned photo id #) and mail via USPS the original authorization/consent form.

THEME: Sports and Play Activities

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