The Nisonger Dental Program; led by Dr. Danielle Johnson-Curry, received $5,000 from the kiDDS Foundation to support clinical operations at Johnstown Rd., located within Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Coordinated by Dr. Diego Solis, this clinic serves exclusively children; many of whom are underserved, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and un/under insured; and a largely Hispanic population. Previous support from the kiDDS Foundation was used to upgrade to digital imaging technology, creating more efficiency in clinical services and patient care.


The kiDDS Foundation presented Nisonger Center with a check at the 2018 KiDDS CUP Charity Golf Outing. The kiDDS Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a vision for fundraising for local and international dental foundations focused on kids and improving their overall oral health; and a belief that every child deserves dignity. Created by local organizations, Zimmerman, Boltz & Company, Paragon Management Associates, Inc. and Nardone Limited, and celebrating their 10th anniversary; they continue to play a role that continues to make a dramatic impact on the lives of children everywhere. Thanks kiDDS Foundation!