Students in the IDD psychology program are mentored by one or more of the faculty listed below. Students work with a primary mentor, but many of the faculty work collaboratively on a variety of projects, and it is typical for students to work in some capacity with more than one faculty member during their time in the program.

  • Andrea Witwer, PhD
    Director of Training for the Nisonger Center, LEND Co-Associate Director, IDD Psychology Faculty
    Developmental Clinics, IDD Psychology, LEND
  • Katherine M. Walton, PhD
    Program Director, Associate Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
    Early Learning Program
  • Luc Lecavalier, Ph.D.
    IDD Psychology
  • Marc J. Tassé, PhD Marc J. Tassé, PhD
    Director, Nisonger Center Professor, Department of Psychology, Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
  • Susan Havercamp, Ph.D. , FAAIDD, NADD-CC
    Program Director
    Health Promotion - Healthcare Parity Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Psychology, and Genetic Counseling Ohio Disability and Health Program, Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, LEND, Nisonger Behavior Support Services