Training Module Notes:

  • Participants should register for the course through the OCCRRA website using the ST# 10072202 to obtain continuing education credits [OCCRRA will not register you automatically]. Continuing education credits will not be given unless participants complete both the pre-test and the post-test. PLEASE NOTE CREDIT WILL NOT BE GIVEN AUTOMATICALLY. It may take up to 15 days to be uploaded in the OCCRRA system.
  • Please turn on your sound or increase your volume to hear the training.
  • Links to the videos within the training are provided below. If auditory issues arise, you may press the  button located in the bottom right hand corner of each video to access subtitles/closed captioning options.
  • A script of the training module is provided below to follow along with the video.
  • This video training is not compatible with mobile devices. Please view on a desktop computer.

Download the guided notes PDF.

Online Training Script

Online Training Video Links:

How to Help Addicted Mothers

Signs and Symptoms of NAS

Short and Long Term Effects of NAS

Caregiver Training After Hospital Discharge

The Heavy Crying Period

Demonstration of RACE 

Physical Deficits in NAS

Transitioning into the Classroom

Challenging Behavior and Implications

Social Delays and Challenges

Lessons Learned

Caregiver Classroom Communication Considerations

Cultural Considerations 

Additional Resources

List of Resources

RACE Handout

Visual Supports for Young Children

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