Apply to the LEND Program

Thank you for your interest in applying for advanced study in the OSU LEND Program at the Nisonger Center. The purpose of the program is to prepare leaders to improve the health of infants, children and adolescents,  with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families.

LEND trainees participate in at least 300 hours of training to develop advanced leadership skills in interdisciplinary practice, cultural and linguistic competency, and family centered care.

Who Should Apply?

  • Advanced Master’s students
  • Doctoral students
  • Post-Doctoral students
  • Community professionals who have completed the basic professional level of training in their discipline
  • Family members and self-advocates interested in policy and advocacy


Applicants to LEND should email the LEND faculty from their discipline and submit and letter of interest and resume by May 31, 2021. Family advocates and self-advocates are able to apply until June 15, 2021 with status notification by August 1. 

To apply to the LEND Program, you should submit a letter of interest and resume to the LEND faculty member from your discipline (see below). If you have questions about who should receive your application, contact Dr. Paula Rabidoux. Your letter should include the following:

  1. Why you are interested in becoming a LEND trainee.
  2. Your goals and objectives while in the LEND program.
  3. How participation in LEND matches your future plans.

Primary Disciplines and Faculty Contacts

Community applicants (and students from any additional related disciplines) should contact Paula Rabidoux.

Family Trainees

Download the Family Trainee PDF

Self-Advocate Trainees

Download the Self-Advocate Trainee PDF