About the Guide

Project Goal

The Autism Curriculum Guide was designed to help medical schools integrate content on developmental disabilities into the curriculum.  This website provides background information about autism spectrum disorder, a step-by-step guide to including people with disabilities in medical curricula, video-taped vignettes featuring interviews and physical exams with patients who have autism spectrum disorder, video-taped panel discussions featuring adults with autism spectrum disorder and family members, and community resources that may be helpful to faculty, students, and families alike.

Value Statement

We are committed to ensuring that students have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competence necessary to provide quality, effective and compassionate care to patients with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities.

100% of the  costs for development of the Autism Curriculum Guide were supported by a subgrant of a $300,000 grant issued to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA, CFDA 99.110).