Nisonger Center Scholarship Guidelines

Through the Nisonger Center Development Scholarship Funds Program, we are proud to support the needs of families/individuals with developmental disabilities receiving services from Nisonger Center Programs by providing a scholarship to cover all or part of the costs of services received by our Providers.

The Nisonger Center receives generous donations through the Nisonger Center Program Fund (fund# 302755) which are intended to support the Nisonger Center Programs and the overall mission of the Center to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.


  • Nisonger Center Development Scholarship Funds provides up to the maximum amount of $6,000.
  • Families/Individuals must submit an application to be considered for funding.
  • Applications are accepted February 1 to December 31 of each calendar year.
  • Applications will be accepted for one individual or family member per program cycle.
  • First time applicants will receive priority.

Eligibility Checklist

Nisonger Center families/individuals applying must meet the following criteria:

  • Plans are in place to receive services from a Nisonger Center Program Provider

Areas of Funding

Current Nisonger Center Program Services for which a family can apply.

  • Aspirations Program
    • One 10-week cycle/semester of Aspiration services
  • ACE Program
    • One 10-week cycle/semester of ACE services
  • Early Childhood Education Program
    • Costs to cover tuition
  • Transition Services (TOPS)
    • One semester of TOPS services

Selection Process

  • The Nisonger Center Executive Committee will review the applications and make initial funding recommendations on all submitted requests.
  • The Nisonger Center Executive Committee reserves the right to adjust the requested amount to each family based on the actual services provided.
  • Families will be notified of any decision via e-mail. All funding decisions are final.

Nisonger Center Development Scholarship Funds Program Application

If you have questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, please contact the Nisonger Center Administrator, Karel Smith.