Congratulations to the Spring 2020 TOPS Program Graduates! We are so proud of all of their hard work and dedication!

Kristen Manifold is from Dublin, OH and was in the TOPS Program for two years. During her time, she discovered her passion for helping and interacting with others, disability advocacy, and outreach and engagement. She hopes to work in a position where she can engage and connect with others, build relationships, perform office work and positively impact others. She would like to thank Tamara Hager and the Nisonger Administration Team for being such a positive work environment to end her last internship!

Hunter Primmer is from Johnstown, OH and was in the TOPS Program for three years. His final year, he was dual-enrolled at TOPS and Ohio Media School. He received his Radio and Television Broadcast Media Certificate from OMS and dreams to be a Voice Actor. He hopes to work behind the scenes in production and recently booked a role in an animated short film called The Crow’s Nest. He is currently working full-time with benefits for Amazon.

Jackson Hilliard is from Worthington, OH and was in The TOPS Program for four years.  During his time here he discovered his passion is to work with music and children.  He hopes to get a position working in a special needs preschool as an aide.


Timothy Rooney is from Upper Arlington, OH and was in The TOPS Program for two years.  He has accepted a paid internship with J.P. Morgan Chase as a Data Analyst.  This internship opportunity is part of the Autism At Works Program.


Hannah Halka is  a fourth year student in the Tops Program. While being in the program, she has learned about working in a florist, greenhouse, and a nonprofit organization. Her goal is to work in one of these areas after she graduates the Tops Program. She has always gone by the quote ‘’every path has its puddle,” which means to be ready to accept success. She has also learned how to get around by herself without using anything but her phone when she is lost.