Nisonger’s Toy and Technology Library will be closing July 1st, 2018. We wish to thank you for your support of the library; it has been a pleasure serving you and your children throughout the years. Nisonger is currently engaged in community conversations to identify how we might best serve the technology needs of our community in the future. If you care to provide comments regarding the technology needs of the DD community please email Paula.Rabidoux@osumc.edu.

If you need to borrow adapted toys and/or technology in the future please contact AT Ohio (https://www.atohio.engineering.osu.edu) or OCALI (https://www.ocali.org/project/lending_library) for assistance.



Toy and Technology Library
Room 286
McCampbell Hall
1581 Dodd Drive
Columbus, OH 43210
Tel: (614) 688-3431