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The Nisonger Center Early Childhood Education program is an inclusive educational childcare program for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Children who are typically developing and children with developmental disabilities participate in child-directed, developmentally appropriate, play-based classroom activities. Our team of teachers and therapists work together with families to promote and aid in the development of young children with and without developmental disabilities, both in the classroom and during home visits. Home visits are conducted for families with children that are under three who have developmental delays, to assist in providing early intervention within the home environment.  We are also able to support children ages 3-5 years, with an IEP and our qualified staff can meet those educational goals.  


We believe that early childhood education should be individualized, evidence-based, fun, family-centered, and inclusive. 

What does this mean?


We recognize the importance of making sure that our practices are tailored to the unique profiles of our children and families. We do not believe that any one intervention works for all children and families – thus, we adapt our practices to the diverse and varied needs of our children and families.


It’s important to us that we teach our children using strategies that are proven to work. In order to do this, we partner with professors at The Ohio State University and receive specialized training on the very latest early childhood interventions.


Our team works tirelessly to motivate our children to want to learn. We believe in following the interests of our students to help them engage in educationally-rich and meaningful learning opportunities.


We partner with our families to help each child achieve his or her potential. We challenge ourselves to think of new ways to support our parents and help them achieve their own goals with their children.


All of our programs are intended for children with and without developmental disabilities. We strive to create genuine friendships, awareness, and appreciation between children with and without developmental disabilities.

The Nisonger Early Childhood Education Program

Our Child Care program is located in McCampbell Hall on the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Campus.  Our teaching staff and therapist staff work together to meet the needs of all the children enrolled in our center.

OSU Child Care Center

The Nisonger Center Early Childhood Education program contracts our services with The Ohio State University Child Care Center serves a maximum of 12 children with developmental disabilities who are between 6 weeks to 3 years of age. Children receive itinerant services throughout their ongoing classroom activities.  Our staff support the child care center teaching staff by coaching them on how to interact and support the children with developmental disabilities.


Children with and without developmental disabilities who are 6 weeks and five years of age are eligible to enroll in our full-day inclusive childcare program. An inclusive child care program includes children who are typically developing and children who have developmental delays.  By having a 2:1 ratio of typical children to children with developmental delays we are able to offer extensive peer modeling for our children with developmental delays.  Research has proven that with this model our typical children go on to elementary school with a greater appreciation of people with differences and are more accepting of those differences.  Our children with developmental delays move on to elementary school with a higher success rate versus children who do not have an inclusive model during their early childhood years.

Children with developmental disabilities:

Our program is an inclusive child care program and we accept children who have developmental delays to be part of our program as well as typical children.  If you have questions about enrolling your child that has a developmental delay, please contact Troy Hunter at to learn more about enrollment, fees or to schedule a tour.

Children who are typically developing:

Children who are typically developing between 6 weeks and 5 years of age are eligible to enroll in our full-day childcare program. We provide childcare in one infant classroom, two toddler classrooms and two preschool classrooms from 7am-6pm. The weekly tuition rate for the infant classroom is $315, the toddler classrooms is $278 and the weekly tuition rate for the preschool classroom is $255.

Please note that each classroom has a specified number of slots available. A wait-list will be created when the cap for each classroom has been reached.

A child enrolled in the ECE program

Enrollment Forms

All children must complete the following enrollment forms before starting our preschool:

Waitlist Interest Form


Children playing in an ECE classroom

Scheduling a tour & Questions

We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our preschool programs and even to take you on a tour of our programs.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Office Associate with questions regarding our programs or to schedule a tour:

Jacob Oates,

Nisonger Early Childhood Education Program | Fund Number: 302785

Fund supporting aspects of the Early Intervention Program and Early Childhood Education services for children 6 weeks to 5 years old.

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