Emma Woldum, MSW

Emma Woldum is a Behavior Support Specialist at the Nisonger Center who works with a variety of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Franklin County that have a history of engaging in high rates of dangerous/risky behaviors. As a Behavior Support Specialist, Emma conducts functional assessments and works closely with families, service providers, day programs, transportation companies, and residential staff to develop, implement, and monitor behavior support strategies that aim to decrease maladaptive behaviors such as physical aggression, self-harm, and property destruction and increase prosocial and adaptive behaviors. 

Emma graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s degree in Social Work from The Ohio State University. Emma currently lives in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to her role as a Behavior Support Specialist, she also volunteers with Next Chapter Book Club, a community-based book club program for adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.