TechSummit 2020

Smart Home Discovery Place

A 1991 technology manual published by International Business Machines (IBM) included the following statement: “For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.” Almost three decades later, nothing could be truer. With the use of technology, some activities that previously required the presence of another person providing supports or assurance can be accomplished independently by the person with disabilities; for the first time! The SHDP will demonstrate a variety of cutting- edge technologies (many off-the-shelf), connect people with resources, answer their questions, and guide them in navigating the process of bringing these technologies into their (future) home.

The goal of the SHDP is to increase the awareness and understanding of individuals with IDD, their family members as well as providers who support them about smart home technologies and other related resources that may be a viable solution for their everyday support needs and might help them to live with greater independence.

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Jordan B. Wagner
Coordinator, Technology Project
Tel: (614-688-3155)

Activities of the SHDP include the demonstration and hands-on exploration of a variety of cutting-edge technologies, guided interactive tours, connecting people with resources and answering questions about these technologies, and technical assistance with the process of bringing these technologies into their home. We are also interested in feedback from those who visited the SHDP and how their visit might have influenced their decisions to adopt, reject, or abandon certain technologies and receive follow-up feedback about their subsequent experience with technologies and their use of technologies.

To participate in a tour of the Smart Home Discovery Place, participants can fill out an assessment survey to help us include the right technologies to discuss. Once completed, participants will receive calendar options from which they can select the appropriate time and date.There will not be any purchases needed for participation. Follow the assessment survey link below:

Smart Homes
Often technology can assist someone to live with greater independence. However, without personally experiencing the technology, it can be hard to find the right equipment or imagine how these technologies could affect one’s life, .
Throughout Ohio, organizations have developed smart homes to help individuals with developmental disabilities, their family members, and professionals experience and discuss the use of technology to enhance independence BEFORE it’s purchased or used in the home.
Smart Homes around Ohio:

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