TOPS Program Celebrates 10 Years
of Promoting Inclusion at Ohio State!



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Student Success Stories

Read some stories about our students, who have achieved success through the TOPS Program: 


Then and Now – The Evolution of TOPS

TOPS started as a Project Search program and has grown into one of Ohio’s Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary programs for students with disabilities affiliated with Think College:

THEN (2010-11)

NOW (2019-20)

8 internship opportunities 



53 unpaid internship opportunities

21 paid student employment and internship positions



Average pay: $8.43/hour



Average pay: $12.43/hour



Average work hours: 20/week 



Average work hours: 25.8/week



58% graduates
competitively employed



79% graduates
competitively employed



7 courses in 5 deparments



Over 150 courses in over 40 departments



13 peer mentors



56 peer mentors



No on-campus living options



On-campus living options include
University Village and Residence Halls




TOPS students have taken over 150 unique courses at OSU (Excel file)


TOPS students have gained work experience at 70 unique worksites (Word file)  


TOPS students have participated in 30 unique community service activities (Word file)   



Please revisit this page throughout the 2020-21 school year, as we will be celebrating 10-years of serving students and adding more content related to the growth of our program.



Congratulations to all of our graduates, and thank you to all of our supporters through the years!



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