Friendship Connection

Friendship Connection is a community-based recreation program that promotes new experiences and lasting social connections for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Friendship Connection members engage in many facets of culture in the Columbus area from art and music to food and sports.

Who can join Friendship Connection?

Friendship Connection is open to any adult who would like to meet new friends and become more involved in their community. Friendship Connection is committed to promoting a fun and safe environment at all events. Friendship Connection members are expected to provide transportation and staff, as appropriate, to ensure a safe and fun experience. Friendship Connection members should also be willing to get to know new people, try new things and explore new parts of their community. Friendship Connection members are also expected to take financial responsibility for all paid events.

Members should be willing to:
• Engage others in conversation.
• Actively participate in group activities.
• Treat members, staff and volunteers with respect.

How can I join Friendship Connection?

To become a member and receive detailed information on all events, download the Friendship Connection Enrollment Form and follow the instructions on the form. We send a new event calendar to you once each quarter.  To sign up for an event, call the Friendship Connection Hotline and leave a message with your name, the name of the event and your phone number. Members are also encouraged to share ideas for future Friendship Connection events on the Hotline.

Please direct any further questions to the Friendship Connection Hotline or

Friendship Connection
285D McCampbell Hall
1581 Dodd Drive
Columbus, OH 43210

(p) 614.688.8162
(f) 614.366.6373


FC Member Enrollment Form (PDF)

Program Leadership

Klein, Stacie

Program Coordinator

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