McCampbell Hall Dental Clinic

The McCampbell Hall dental clinic is located on The Ohio State University campus and has been in operation since 1972. The McCampbell Hall clinic serves adults with developmental disabilities. It is the largest provider of oral health services for adults with developmental disabilities in Franklin County.

A sliding fee scale is employed so that no patient is denied dental services due to inability to pay for care. Approximately 6 percent of the patients served are covered by private insurance.

The Nisonger Center Dental Program provides clinical training opportunities in the care of people with developmental disabilities to all Ohio State dental, dental hygiene,  and pediatric dental residents through rotations at the Center. We are one of the only programs in the country to provide such exposure for all dental health students as part of their training.

Quick Facts


  • Serves adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Serves approximately 2,000 appointments per year.
  • Provides community outreach through screenings and oral health instruction in group homes and workshops.
  • Provides a full complement of dental health services throughout the lifespan.


  • People with developmental disabilities throughout Ohio are eligible to receive services.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Friday with services available by appointment only.


  • All major insurance programs, a sliding fee scale and Medicaid are accepted. When necessary, fee arrangements can be made.
  • Approximately 6 percent of patients served are covered by private insurance.

Student Training

  • Fourth year dental students: ~100/yr
    • 40 hr rotation (1 day/wk x 5 wks)
    • Groups of 6; 2 groups/wk
  • Dental hygiene students: ~35/yr
    • 40 hr rotation (1/2 day/wk x 10 wks)
  • Second year pediatric dentistry residents: 6/yr
    • 1 day/wk throughout the year

For further information, contact Cindy Funk at (614) 685-3197 or

Nisonger Center Dental Program
Room 345
McCampbell Hall
1581 Dodd Drive
Columbus, OH 43210

Tel: (614) 685-3197
Fax: (614) 685-3212

Program Info Sheet [PDF]

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
By Appointment Only