Neurodevelopmental Dual Diagnosis Program

The Nisonger Neurodevelopmental Dual Diagnosis Program(formerly Dual Diagnosis Clinic) provides outpatient psychiatric services to children and adults with IDD and mental health needs with support from the Franklin County Board of DD, Franklin County Children First Council and the Franklin County ADAMH board.

The study program provides diagnostic consultation services to community physicians and ongoing psychiatric services and medication management. Referrals come to the center through IDD service coordinators, Netcare and Franklin County mental health centers.

Child psychiatry fellows from OSU complete an 18-month rotation at the clinic. In addition, Pediatric residents from Children’s Hospital and OSU medical students also receive training.

For more information about the Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry Study Program, contact Shannon Guay at (614) 685-6701 or

Neurodevelopmental Dual Diagnosis Program Staff:

  • Craig Williams, MD
    Dual Diagnosis
    Psychiatrist, Dual Diagnosis - Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry
  • Eugene Arnold, MD, MEd
    Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
    Dual Diagnosis - Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry, Research Unit
  • Megan Kail
    Medical Assistant
    Dual Diagnosis-Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry
  • Shannon Guay
    Office Assistant
    Dual Diagnosis-Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry