The E-Mentoring Program


The E-Mentoring Program is a contemporary and innovative program that matches students with disabilities with mentors who have college and/or career experience. Students and mentors communicate through e-mail in this program. The students complete an online course which helps prepare them for their transition to work and/or college.

    • Mentoring Models - The E-Mentoring Program uses two models: Group listservs and one-to-one mentoring.
    • Email Systems - Secure and monitored email technologies used for student and mentor communication.
    • Netiquette - Rules for student and mentor email communication.
    • E-Mentoring Online Course - An online course for high school students who are supported by mentors.

    Students - Get matched with a mentor to help you transition from high school to college and/or work.

    Mentors - Enhance your own life experience and spread your knowledge by volunteering to become a mentor.

    Male student sitting at a computer
    A male mentor and his female mentee sit at a picnic table
    "I like having a mentor who understands me."
    "Being a mentor allows me to meet a unique population of kids who are transitioning to life after high school."

    Instructors - Implement the E-Mentoring Program at your school and help your students think critically about their futures.

    Families - Support the development of your child's educational and career goals with the help of the E-Mentoring Program.

    Two female teachers, one is working at a computer and one is standing
    Mentors, mentees and their families at a picnic
    "My students have improved their grades and attitudes in the classroom."
    "Having the opportunity to e-mail a mentor and ask for guidance is so helpful as our son transitions."