Marilee Martens, Ph.D.

Program Director, Associate Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry

Williams Syndrome

(614) 688-3112




Education :

Dr. Martens received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Melbourne, Australia, with an emphasis in neuropsychology.  She received a Specialist’s degree in School Psychology and a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan.  Her bachelor’s degree (Psychology) was from Graceland University.

Research :

My research focuses on Williams syndrome, which is a genetic neurodevelopmental disorder which causes cognitive delay, a hypersociable personality, relative strengths in some aspects of language and music, and significant delays in visuospatial and math abilities.  I am interested in the relationship between the cognitive, behavioral, and neuroanatomical features of this syndrome.  Current research studies include:

Examining the neural correlates of hypersociability Evaluating hearing and hyperacusis Examining number line estimation skills Using music to enhance memory Determining medication usage and side effects Examining pragmatic skills in social relationships Service Director, Williams Syndrome Program at Nisonger Center Core Psychology Faculty, The Ohio State University at Newark Founded Williams Syndrome Clinic at Nationwide Hospital Facilitate meetings for Williams Syndrome families Faculty Advisor for Introspect