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Enhancing Transition Through Technology

EnvisionIT is an electronic curriculum for students with and without disabilities in grades 8-12 focused on helping students develop key literacy and career skills needed for the 21st Century workplace. Consisting of 12 units, the curriculum is designed to teach fundamental 21ST Century skills to students with and without disabilities in 4 key competency areas:

  • Reading/writing
  • Information Technology (IT) literacy,
  • Transition planning, and
  • Financial literacy.

Throughout the 12 units, students complete activities in these areas and build a comprehensive Transition Portfolio which is the culminating product of the curriculum. Completing online learning and transition assessments, developing a resume, writing a career narrative, completing electronic job and college applications, and creating a high school course schedule are just some of the activities that constitute the Transition Portfolio. These activities require students to directly apply what they learn from unit content in order to set measureable postsecondary goals and develop a realistic plan for attaining these goals. Additionally, the Transition Portfolio serves as a deliverable that students can update and reuse for their career path after completing the EnvisionIT course.

For students with disabilities and their families, EnvisionIT can be a useful tool for meeting the transition goals of the IEP and promoting student self-determination. It can also equip schools with a strategic way to meet significant national mandates such as Indicator 13 requirements specified in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004 and the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) since the curriculum is aligned to these standards. As a 21st Century curriculum, EnvisionIT is also aligned to national standards in technology, transition, and financial literacy.

EnvisionIT was designed for inclusive classrooms but can be taught in self-contained settings. It was designed for implementation across a full academic year so that students are able to get the most benefit from the curriculum. EnvisionIT is delivered through the course management system Schoology at no cost, but it is not meant to be a stand-alone curriculum. As with almost any other curriculum, EnvisionIT requires active teacher instruction and guidance in order for students to encounter the most success.

To learn more about EnvisionIT, view the informational video and also browse this website.

For general questions about EnvisionIT, feel free to contact us.

EnvisionIT is great for students ...

EnvisionIT helps students learn about their learning styles and career interests, find potential career matches, and achieve their career goals after high school.

EnvisionIT is great for families ...

EnvisionIT creates opportunities for parents and other family members to get involved with the transition planning of their child or relative.

EnvisionIT is great for teachers ...

EnvisionIT is a standards-based curriculum that teaches the literacy skills students need for success in school and work.

EnvisionIT is great for schools ...

EnvisionIT equips schools with a transition-focused curriculum that can meet national standards and federal mandates.