General Information

Based on the unique needs of the students, EnvisionIT instructions and the activities can be used selectively. Please review the Stratified Site Map and Objectives document for more information.

The EnvisionIT curriculum is aligned with the following national and state content standards:




Financial Literacy

We have developed CCSS ELA standards crosswalk documents for national as well as Ohio alignment. An at-a-glance version of national alignment is also available.


Additional Resources for Instructors

Instructors: you can find all of the course files from the EnvisionIT curriculum at the EnvisionIT Library on Google Drive.


Planning & Instructional Aid


  • EnvisionIT Letter to Family from Classroom Teacher – developed by EnvisionIT parent consultants, Marie Crawford and Heather McCauley, this letter aims to educate parents and other family members about the importance of EnvisionIT and how the family can support transition planning for the child or relative in high school.

Please also visit the EIT Resource Blog, which contains a wealth of resources developed by our parent consultants, including unit highlights, newsletters, and more.

Transition Services

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(T) 614-685-3185
(F) 614-366-6373

Program Director/Principal Investigator: Margaretha Izzo, Ph.D.