We are actively recruiting districts, schools, and teachers interested in using the EnvisionIT (EIT) curriculum to teach courses in the 2017-18 academic year. EIT may be integrated into existing courses (e.g., Postsecondary Planning, Freshman Seminar) or used to create a new course offering or elective for your students.

Our staff will assist teachers in setting up a course in Schoology and provide training and technical assistance. The curriculum is also available in our Google Drive Library: go.osu.edu/eitlibrary. Promotional materials are available for school administrators, staff, teachers, and parents. Please contact us for more information: transitions@osumc.edu

EnvisionIT. Enhancing Transition Through Technology.

EnvisionIT (EIT) is 21st century, standards-aligned, online curriculum for grades 8-12 that teaches English and Languages Arts, Information Technology Literacy, College & Career Readiness, and Financial Literacy.

EnvisionIT was designed with accessibility and Universal Design for Learning in mind, and it is highly customizable to meet the needs of students, teachers, and other stakeholders.

Transition Services

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Program Director/Principal Investigator: Margaretha Izzo, Ph.D.