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Health Promotion / Healthcare Parity

Health Promotion

The B-HIP: Be Healthy Information Program was designed for children and adults with disabilities. Developed through a collaborative effort between the University of South Florida and the Ohio State University Nisonger Center, this program is intended to help children and adults with disabilities understand the relationship between living a healthy lifestyle, feeling good, and staying healthy. Click here for more information.

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Healthcare Parity

We believe the best way to increase knowledge and improve attitudes of healthcare providers is to provide interactive, personal experiences with people who have disabilities. This will also allow them to feel more comfortable working with people who have disabilities, thereby improving the healthcare that is provided. Click here for more information about the projects below.

The Education of Medical Students project

With close involvement to changes in the undergraduate medical student curriculum, we will include projects and activities involving students directly with volunteers who have disabilities in both informal and formal (Clinical Skills Center) experiences. SEE FLYER TO PARTICIPATE

Disability Continuing Education for Healthcare Providers

Click here to access the following training modules:

Utilizing two Healthcare Access for Persons with Disabilities training courses that we developed, care providers and other workers in the health system (physicians, nurses, nursing home administrators, health providers, etc.) can obtain knowledge and CME/CEU related to various disabilities (Part I: Persons with Physical and Sensory Disabilities and Part II: Persons with Developmental Disabilities).