Resources for People with Disabilities

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For the millions of Americans with disabilities, emergencies such as fires and floods present real challenges. Learn how people with disabilities, their families, and first responders can plan ahead for safety during a disaster.

The AAPD offers resources on getting a kit, making a plan, and being informed to ensure that you are ready for an emergency.

Although earthquakes are not incredibly common in Ohio, this type of preparedness should help promote safety in general and help prepare people for extreme weather.

The MDA provides a checklist to help people with neuromuscular diseases protect themselves and their family.

This booklet from FEMA and the American Red Cross helps people with disabilities prepare for all kinds of emergencies. It includes information on why you should get prepared, and what you can do to make a plan and get informed.

Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Informed. This resources provides guidance on what you should include in you kit, how to make and maintain a plan, and how to be informed.


Resources for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

CDC offers American Sign Language (ASL) public service announcement videos to help deaf and hearing-impaired persons stay safe before, during, and after a hurricane.

The National Weather Service provides information on this page about how to use NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) as an alerting system for the deaf and hard of hearing. The NWR receives National Weather Service warnings, forecasts, and hazard information 24 hours a day. Some NWR models are able to be connected to alerting devices such as vibrators, bed shakers, pillow vibrators, and strobe lights.

This video, produced by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, provides information American Sign Language (ASL) on how your family can prepare for an emergency.


Resources for Emergency Planners

  • Effective Communications for People with Disabilities: Before, During, and After Emergencies
    • This 2014 report from the National Council on Disability identifies barriers, facilitators, and successful practices to providing effective emergency-related communications. The report examines the current state of affairs concerning the accessibility of emergency-related communications; reviews the enforcement of disability laws and regulations as they pertain to effective communications before, during, and after emergencies. Information on the experiences and perceptions of people with disabilities as they relate to emergency-related communications is also provided. Based on the findings of the report, NCD has put forth a series of recommendations for policy makers, federal partners, and emergency managers.
  • National Organization on Disability's (NOD) Emergency Preparedness Resources

NOD offers resources to help ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are adequately addressed prior to an emergency and that people with disabilities are included in the planning process. They offer resources for emergency planners, managers, and responders including a “Partners in Preparedness” downloadable brochure, and guides to help planners make the best use of community resources and included people with disabilities in the planning process. They also offer disaster readiness tips for people with disabilities.

This website provides resources to help personnel in the health, emergency management, response, disaster relief or disabilities fields learn more about preparing for disasters and assistance for people with disabilities.

The Nobody Left Behind (NLB): Disaster Preparedness for Persons with Mobility Impairments research study determined the readiness of emergency management sites across the United States to assist persons with mobility impairments during disasters. One component of the NLB project was to identify exemplary polices, practices, and programs in emergency management designed to assist persons with mobility limitations. The identified exemplary situations are the basis of this white paper.


Resources for Employers


This website through the U.S. Department of Labor includes resources related to workplace emergency preparedness and the needs of employees with disabilities.

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