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Ohio Disability and Health Program

The Ohio Disability and Health Program (ODHP) is a grant-funded state program with the goals to promote health, improve emergency preparedness, and increase access to care for Ohioans with disabilities. With funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ODHP will:

  • Develop and enhance program infrastructure and capacity
  • Improve state level health surveillance and monitoring activities
  • Increase awareness of health-related disability policy initiatives
  • Increase health promotion opportunities for people with disabilities to maximize health
  • Improve access to health care for people with disabilities
  • Improve emergency preparedness among people with disabilities
  • Effectively monitor and evaluate program activities



ODHP Needs Your Input to Help People with Disabilities Quit Smoking! Join us for a Smoking Cessation Focus Group in Columbus, December 17th - 19th

The Ohio Disability and Health Program is asking people with disabilities, people with mental illness, and personal care assistants (PCAs) to provide their feedback at a 1-hour focus group to help people with disabilities quit smoking. Flyer PDF with dates, locations, and more information here.

We are hosting three focus groups next week to get feedback from the disability community on what types of materials will work best to help people with disabilities quit. Smokers, former smokers, and non-smokers are all invited to attend. Thanks to Mobile Center for Independent Living , The P.E.E.R. Center (Peers Enriching Each others' Recovery), and The Center for Disability Empowerment for their help in coordinating these groups.

Wednesday, December 17th
Time: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Location: Dodge Recreation Center Cafeteria
667 Sullivant Avenue
Columbus OH 43215

Thursday, December 18th
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Location: The P.E.E.R. Center (West)
1114 West Broad Street
Columbus OH 43222

Friday, December 19th
Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Location: MOBILE Center for Independent Living
690 High Street
Columbus OH 43206

Please let us know of any needed accommodations.

Rosalind Gjessing
(614) 688-2928

DisabilityBasics_Part2_CoverHealth Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) briefs examining disability and health in Ohio

The first part in the series, titled “Health and disabilities basics: Overview of health coverage, programs and services,” presents the current landscape of health coverage, programs and services for people with disabilities. The brief also explores demographics, eligibility criteria and scope issues.

The second brief, “Health and disabilities basics part II: The health challenges facing Ohioans with disabilities,” explores the complex challenges people with disabilities face in achieving optimal health and well-being. It also examines federal and state policies that address these challenges and makes reccommendations for future policies.

ODHP has contributed to these briefs by providing content on disability demographics and health disparities in Ohio. A link to these briefs can also be found on our Health Policy Resources Page.

**Disability Awareness Trainings for First Responders and Emergency Planners from ODHP**

The Ohio Disability and Health Program has produced two hour-long disability training videos for First Responders and Emergency Planners. Both trainings are publically available on YouTube with closed captions:

ODHP is currently working with The Ohio State University Center for EMS, who will be hosting the trainings on their website to make them available for Continuing Education (CEU/CPT) credit for EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, and Nursing personnel.  Please check back for more information.

More information on each training and additional resources for First Responders and Emergency Planners can be found at the following links:

First Responder Training and Resources

Emergency Planner Training and Resources


A collage of five photos showing people with various disabilities. From left to right: 1. A young boy is pictured with his brother, smiling; 2. A man is pictured walking in a mall with his service animal; 3. A young girl is pictured with her wheelchair; 4. A smiling youg woman; 5. A woman using American Sign Language (ASL).


Who is ODHP?

ODHP is a partnership amongst the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), the two Ohio UCEDDs (University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disability) at the Ohio State University Nisonger Center and the University of Cincinnati (UC UCEDD), and the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC). Another key collaborator for this program is the disability community; a Disability Community Planning Group (DCPG) has been formed to guide and assist in program activities.

ODHP serves as a resource to the state and is well positioned to provide Technical Assistance related to disability and health for businesses, organizations, and people with disabilities in Ohio.

Click here for the Emergency Management Be-Prepared Kit!

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