Behavior Support Services

People with developmental disabilities experience high rates of behavior problems, from inappropriate social interactions to severe aggression. Two programs at the Nisonger Center develop, implement, and monitor behavior support plans to help meet the needs of these people and their families.

The Behavior Support Services serves children and adults who are referred from the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DD). Dr. Betsey Benson directs services for the adult population; Dr. Luc Lecavalier directs services for children and adolescents.

NI2015 Bios

GadowKenneth Gadow, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry, Stony Brook University School of Medicine

Dr. Kenneth D. Gadow, PhD, (who is known to everyone as Ken) is a Professor of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine at Stony Brook University in New York State. Ken’s career, which spans three decades, embraces a number of disciplines to include brain imaging, genetics, infectious disease, pediatrics, special education, psychology, and psychiatry. He has been funded regularly by the National Institutes of Health over the past 25 years and has published scores of scientific papers and numerous books about child mental health. For the past 14 years, he has served as the Director of Clinical Research at the Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, School of Medicine, Stony Brook University. Ken’s first personal interactions with children who were labeled as having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were as a special education teacher. Since then, he has written extensively about ASD to include topics in aggression, ADHD, anxiety, assessment, depression, diagnosis, drug therapy, family history of psychopathology, gender differences, gene variants, obstetric complications, psychiatric co-morbidity, psychiatric symptom-induced impairment, schizophrenia spectrum disorder symptoms, screening instruments, season of birth, sleep disorders, and tics/Tourette syndrome. His most recent areas of scientific interest include brain imaging studies of adults with ASD, mental health issues in HIV-infected children in Uganda, biopsychosocial models of psychiatric pathogenesis, and the development of practical, cost-effective psychiatric assessment instruments children, adolescents, and adults.

Nisonger Autism Institute 2013

Autism Across the Lifespan

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9:00 – 10:30

Marsha Mailick, PhD, “Life Course Development of Adolescents and Adults with Autism”

Nisonger Autism Institute 2013 Bios

Autism Across the Lifespan

Biographical Profiles of Presenters

Marsha R. Mailick, PhD

Marsha R. Mailick, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Aspirations Ohio

The Aspirations program is designed to give young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) the opportunity to discuss their own vocational and social experiences in a small group setting and be guided in ways of how to improve their skills in these areas. Group leaders, familiar with Autism Spectrum Disorders facilitate an atmosphere of acceptance and friendship. Developing self-awareness, social insight and independence are central themes of Aspirations.