Nisonger Center receives $3.5 million grant from HRSA

COLUMBUS, OHIO – The Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration awarded a $3.5-million, 5-year grant to the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) program at The Ohio State University Nisonger Center.

The grant will support leadership training for a wide range of health-related graduate and post-graduate students with an emphasis on improving health systems and access to quality care for individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families.

Nisonger Institute 2016 Presentation Materials

Emerging Cognitive Technologies:  Are We Brave Enough for This Brave New World?
Daniel K. Davies

Nisonger Center ECE/EI Program Playground

An accessible, universally designed and inclusive playground contributes to Nisonger Center's goal of maintaining our ECE program as a nationally recognized and respected Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education program and enhances our ability to be known around the world as a state of the art facility providing the best quality services.  Most importantly, it provides children with and without disabilities who attend our ECE program an environment in which they can en