ODHP Project Activities

ODHP is working to coordinate a variety of projects in order to successfully meet our goals to:

  • provide more inclusive health promotion programs
  • increase accessibility to health care
  • improve state level health surveillance, and
  • advance emergency preparedness for all Ohioans with disabilities

Click on each Goal Area below to learn more about our current project activities relating to that goal, the accomplishments of our first year of funding, and how we plan to move forward in the future. Current Monthly Updates are also posted for each Goal Area at the end of each month. If we have no substantial updates to report in a particular area during the month, no update will be posted for that area.


ODHP is a partnership between The Ohio State University Nisonger Center, The Ohio Department of Health (ODH), University of Cincinnati University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UC UCEDD), and The Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC).  During our first year, we worked to form a strong Disability Community Planning Group (DCPG), composed of key disability advocacy groups and state partners.  The DCPG provides guidance and input for all project activities, including disability initiatives related to health promotion, access to care, emergency preparedness, and health surveillance, and also assisted in the development of our strategic plan during year 1 of the project period.  For more information about ODHP’s infrastructure and a list of organizations represented in the DCPG, visit the infrastructure page. We also aim to improve the inclusiveness of state-level public health committees to ensure that PWD are given consideration in public health matters.

Monthly Updates

The current monthly update can be found below. Archive monthly updates for all project areas can be found on the Project Activities Page.

June 2016

Current Grant Period Ending (June 30, 2016)

ODHP applied for more funding and are still waiting to hear if we got funding so our program can continue beginning July 1, 2016. We have gotten good feedback from CDC and we are optimistic that we will get funding. We will let you know our status as soon as we get word from CDC.


ODHP’s main objective for this goal is to conduct a public health needs assessment on disability and health in Ohio and to monitor disability related data from public health surveys throughout the life of the program. In collaboration with the Government Resource Center, (GRC) ODHP consolidated data on disability and health in Ohio in the 2013 Ohio Disability Data Report, which details health status, risk behaviors, and preventative practices among Ohioan with disability using data from public health surveys. ODHP also sought qualitative insight on disability and health from people with disabilities (PWD), caregivers, and advocates through conducting open forums across the state, an on-line survey, a Somali focus group, and key-informant interviews.  The qualitative and quantitative data from this public health needs assessment has been published in the Disability and Health in Ohio Public Health Needs Assessment, and will inform the development of effective policies and relevant funding decisions for PWD in Ohio.

Monthly Updates

The current monthly update can be found below.

June 2016

OMAS Data Briefs

ODHP has been commissioned to write four data briefs for the Government Resource Center (GRC) using the 2015 Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey (OMAS) data. Two briefs will address access to healthcare, health status, and health utilization for children in Ohio with development disabilities and children in Ohio with special health care needs and the other two briefs will look at the same outcomes for adults with developmental disabilities and adults with special health care needs.

ODHP/ Kirwan Institute Webinar Now Archived

In February, ODHP and the OSU Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity offered a webinar discussing health and school discipline disparities among youth with disabilities from various racial backgrounds.  This webinar is now available on YouTube in an archived format at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aid1fwCx3s4&feature=youtu.be

Closed captioning is currently being added to this presentation.


ODHP aims to work on developing and moving forward policy initiatives that will address and improve the health of people with disabilities (PWD) in Ohio, as well as raise awareness about these initiatives.  Our program targets to have policies in place that support the health of PWD and to inform policymakers who can respond to the needs of PWD.  A big effort has been to raise awareness of disability issues at the Ohio Department of Health by presenting at various staff meetings, and by including disability specific content in various materials.  Eventually, ODHP would like to change the Ohio Department of Health’s grant and subsidy language to promote inclusion and monitoring of PWD in all public health programs.  We are making progress in this goal by collaborating with the Office of Health Equity and other upper management officials within the state health department.  We will also provide information to the community through policy briefs and fact sheets about current or potential health policy changes in Ohio and how it will impact people with disabilities.

Monthly Updates

The current monthly update can be found below.

June 2016

ODHP’s health policy specialist attended numerous public health committee, workgroup, and planning meetings throughout the months of March and April to ensure that disability is being included in public health policy. Such meetings include:

Ohio Statewide Council of Independent Living Centers

The policy specialist attended the Ohio Statewide Council of Independent Living Centers’ quarterly meeting and provided an update on state progress toward achieving better health for PWD.

Prevention and Advisory Public Health Group Meeting

The policy specialist attended the Prevention and Advisory Public Health Group meeting at the Health Policy Institute of Ohio. He provided information on disability identifiers in survey data and presented the case for including disability in the State Health Improvement Plan and State Health Assessment.

Division of Maternal and Child Health

The policy specialist met with the Division of Maternal and Child Health to add disability identifiers to the Ohio Home Visiting Programs’ data collection system.

Ohio Department of Health

The policy specialist developed a package of directives and guidance for the Department of Health to utilize to ensure that disability and health initiatives move forward during the next funding cycle.


ODHP aims to increase health promotion for people with disabilities (PWD) in Ohio and provide technical assistance (TA) for health care providers and public health professionals. Our program works to increase the number of state-based train-the-trainer sessions as well as the number of PWD who participate in mainstream public health programs, and improve breast cancer screening initiatives for women with disabilities. ODHP initiates change through conducting accessibility assessments and training seminars for mammography facilities in Ohio. We also provide resources to improve physical accessibility as well as disability sensitivity, and provide training opportunities for individuals with disabilities and professionals interested in smoking cessation and healthy lifestyles. We are collaborating with the Ohio Department of Aging to improve the accessibility of Ohio’s evidence-based Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP), Healthy U, and we are working with partners from the Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program at the Ohio Department of Health to improve the accessibility of the Ohio Quit Line and the on-line smoking cessation program, Quit Logix, and to promote the use of these services amongst PWD.

Monthly Updates

The current monthly update can be found below.

June 2016

Mammography Training Seminar

Erica completed the 4th Mammography Training Seminar for Mammography Technologists in partnership with the Susan G Komen Cincinnati Affiliate. Topics included communication, positioning, and technologist care, legal aspects of accessible services and facilities. 14 attendees participated in the training and all mammography technologists received CEUs.

Healthy Lifestyles for People with Disabilities

Erica completed the 5th annual Healthy Lifestyles for People with Disabilities Train the Trainer workshop in Dayton, OH. 26 (full capacity) participants attended the 2-day training and eligible participants received CEUs for their profession.

Mammography Facility Accessibility Assessment

UC UCEDD is connecting with more mammography facilities to do accessibility assessments in Ohio. Two assessments were completed in the past month and additional facilities are currently being scheduled.  Contact Erica Coleman for more information about this project or if you have a suggestion for a facility that may be interested in scheduling an assessment (513) 803-4399 or Erica.Coleman@cchmc.org.


ODHP aims to improve access to health care for people with disabilities (PWD), specifically through objectives of increasing the number of PWD receiving preventive screenings and increasing the number of healthcare facilities providing preventive screenings to PWD. ODHP plans to make progress in this goal by targeting the Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) in Ohio.  In cooperation with the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (OACHC), ODHP will conduct accessibility assessments of Ohio’s FQHCs and will provide any recommendations/disability resources that may be needed to improve physical accessibility as well as disability sensitivity at these health centers. Please visit the FQHC Accessibility Assessments page for more information about these assessments, including feedback from FQHC staff who have completed an assessment and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Monthly Updates

The current monthly update can be found below.

June 2016

FQHC Accessibility Assessments

ODHP is offering free accessibility assessments for federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) in Ohio. The assessment is completely confidential and will provide feedback on the FQHC’s current level of accessibility as well as suggestions for low-cost improvements. We have developed a new recruitment flyer focusing on how simple ADA compliance can be.  Please contact David Ellsworth regarding this project, 614-644-9848 or david.ellsworth@osumc.edu. Information about the assessment process can also be found here.


ODHP aims to improve the emergency preparedness of people with disabilities (PWD) and increase the inclusion of PWD in the emergency planning process. Our target areas include improving awareness of the needs of PWD in emergencies among first responders and emergency planners, increasing the inclusion of PWD in emergency planning and emergency exercises, and improving the accessibility and inclusivity of the State Emergency Management Agency (EMA) emergency plan. In addition, we will raise awareness of care providers, families, and advocates about available emergency preparedness materials, evaluate the accessibility of emergency shelters for PWD, and create trainings to educate first responders and emergency planners on the needs of PWD in emergencies.

 Monthly Updates

The current monthly update can be found below.

June 2016

Disability Trainings for First Responders and Emergency Planners – Available for Continuing Education Credit at OSU’s Center for EMS website

ODHP’s disability trainings for first responders and emergency planners are available online for continuing education credit for nurses, EMS personnel, firefighters, and police officers. The trainings can be accessed on OSU’s Center for EMS website, under the “Online CEUs” tab.  Please share the following link: www.centerforems.osu.edu


ODHP has the responsibility to assess significant changes in prevalence, utilization, quality of life indicators, health equity standards, and program effectiveness in the state through June of 2016. We have established baseline figures in a number of targeted project areas, and will be using this baseline information to assess our program’s effectiveness as the project period progresses. Please contact an ODHP team member with any specific questions about the monitoring and evaluation of program activities.

Monthly Updates

Archive monthly updates for all project areas can be found at the bottom of this page.

We welcome feedback on all of our project activities. If you have a comment or would like more information about any of our activities please contact our Clinical Research Assistant, Rosalind Gjessing at Rosalind.Gjessing@osumc.edu, or any other member of our team.

You can also find more information about this type of program through the archived webcast of CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds: Where in health is disability? Public health practices to include people with disabilities.

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