Accessibility Assessment for your Healthcare Facility!

Nearly 20% of the population in the United States reports having a disability.  Over 97% of persons with disabilities (PWD) live among the general population and seek healthcare from the same providers as people without disabilities.  PWD face significant disparities in health status and access to healthcare. In an effort to improve healthcare access to Ohioans with disabilities, the Ohio Disability and Health Program (ODHP) created an Assessment Improvement Checklist that can be used by Primary Care Facilities to increase the accessibility of clinical spaces for people with disabilities.

Why do an Assessment?

  • Identify access strengths & areas for improvement
  • Strengthen compliance  with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Improve the experience and care for patients with disabilities including the elderly
  • Help to maintain the mission of providing quality health care to vulnerable populations
  • Assessment reports can establish the justification for capital improvement grant applications to support improving the accessibility of your facility

Are Potential Changes Feasible?

  • Some changes can be inexpensive and very manageable
  • E.g., Adjust position of handrails, adjust pressure/speed of automatic door closers, correctly positioning access signs
  • Some changes may be more difficult or resource-intensive
  • Capital-improvement funding opportunities will be shared