Division of Human Genetics & Nisonger Center

2001 Polaris Parkway, Ste. 1000, Columbus, Ohio 43240

Dr. Manickam

Muguru Manickam, M.D.
Assistant Professor Clinical Medicine
Division of Human Genetics

Dawn C. Allain, M.S.

Dawn C. Allain, M.S.
Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
Division of Human Genetics

Dr. Betsey Benson

Betsey Benson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Clinical
Department of Psychiatry

Goal: To provide a comprehensive program that will provide complete medical and baseline psychiatric evaluations, focusing on issues specific to both adults with Down syndrome and their families. In addition, we hope to serve as a resource for healthcare providers who need medical information about adults with Down syndrome or help managing their adult patients with Down syndrome.

The clinic meets once a month on the 2nd Monday of the Month at our Polaris Parkway location.

To schedule an appointment or obtain more information contact: 614-293-6694

Program Info Sheet [PDF]