School-Aged Autism and Developmental Clinic

The School-Aged Autism and Developmental Clinic is a multiday clinic that provides diagnostic evaluations, reevaluations and/or behavioral consultations of school-aged youth. The clinic assesses a student’s developmental strengths, skills and needs. (This clinic assesses students with or suspected of intellectual and developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder.) Parents are able to discuss their concerns with an interdisciplinary team who evaluates the child’s developmental and behavioral abilities.

The interdisciplinary evaluation team consists of faculty and trainees from psychology and developmental behavioral pediatrics with other disciplines included as indicated. Prior to the initial visit, the team comprehensively reviews previous medical, educational and therapeutic records. During the initial clinic visit, a clinical interview is completed with the parents and other significant care providers, and the assessment of the individual’s current abilities is initiated. (This process may require more than one visit.) Developmental and behavioral assessments are completed by the interdisciplinary team and may consist of structured and unstructured play-based observation and interactions, clinical interviews and standardized testing. After this appointment, the child and his or her family typically return the following week to complete the assessment.

During a follow-up appointment, assessment results and recommendations are discussed with parents to develop supports and services. At the conclusion of the evaluation, parents or guardians are provided a developmental and behavioral profile of the child, recommendations and/or relevant diagnoses. A formal report is provided to the parents and a copy is sent to the referring professional and/or primary care physician. All major insurance programs, Medicaid, and Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps are accepted.

If your child is under 5 years old and you have concerns, your child can be seen through our Interdisciplinary Developmental Clinic.

For more information, please contact Shannon Guay at (614) 685-6701 or

autism_portfolio_coverNisonger Center’s Autism Spectrum Disorders Program is one of the nation’s leading interdisciplinary training centers in autism spectrum disorders. Students from eleven healthcare and education disciplines participate in training activities under the supervision of Nisonger faculty. This portfolio highlights our recent achievements and describes current programs and services for persons with ASD and their families.

Click here to see the Nisonger Center Autism Portfolio [PDF].

School-Aged Autism and Developmental Clinic
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