Aspirations Ohio

This program is designed to give young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) the opportunity to discuss their own vocational and social experiences in a small group setting and be guided in ways of how to improve their skills in these areas.

Behavior Support Services

People with developmental disabilities experience high rates of behavior problems, from inappropriate social interactions to severe aggression. Two programs, Adult and Child Behavior Support Services, develop, implement, and monitor behavior support plans to help meet the needs of these people and their families.

Clinic Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of our evaluation clinic.

Dental Program

The Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) Dental Program at the Nisonger Center provides training for students enrolled in dental and dental hygiene programs as well as postgraduate level dental residents.

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education Program is designed to facilitate the development of young children through a fun and exciting play-based classroom program.

Interdisciplinary Developmental Clinic (formerly Family-Directed Developmental Clinic)

The Interdisciplinary Developmental Clinic provides families with an evaluation of their young child’s developmental strengths, skills and needs including a medical diagnosis and comprehensive developmental assessment of the child. This clinic is for children ages 1–5 years.

Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry Study Program

Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry Study Program provides outpatient psychiatric services to children and adults with IDD and mental health needs with support from the Franklin County Board of MR/DD and the Franklin County ADAMH board.

Next Chapter Book Club

Unlike other book clubs, the Next Chapter Book Club (NCBC) provides adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to read and learn to read, talk about books, and make friends in a fun, community setting.


Ohio SIBS (Special Initiatives by Brothers and Sisters) as a non-profit organization is interested in education, support, and advocacy issues relating to those who have adult siblings with disabilities.

School-Aged Autism and Developmental Clinic (formerly Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic)

The School-Aged Autism and Developmental Clinic provides interdisciplinary diagnostic evaluations, reevaluations and/or behavioral consultations of school-aged youth. The clinic is assesses a student’s developmental strengths, skills and needs including a medical diagnosis and comprehensive developmental and behavioral profile of the student.

Toy and Technology Library

The Toy and Technology Library is an exciting and non-profit resource for Central Ohio children with special needs, their families and professionals who serve them.

Williams Syndrome Program

The Williams Syndrome Program consists of three components: a multidisciplinary Williams Syndrome Clinic, research studies of Williams syndrome, and the Williams Syndrome Family Support Group