Ohio National Core Indicators Project

What is the National Core Indicators project?

The National Core Indicators (NCI) is a way for state developmental disabilities agencies to track and measure their own performance in the form of an in-person survey or conversation with at least 400 randomly selected individuals. 46 states including Ohio are participating in the NCI project. This allows state-by-state comparisons.

What are the core indicators?

The core indicators are Community Inclusion, Satisfaction, Choice and Decision-Making, Self-determination, and Employment.

Who collects the data?

The Ohio State University Nisonger Center has been collecting the data and administering the in-person conversations since 2015 on behalf of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). Every year 400 conversations will take place in all 88 counties with adults 18 and over.

Who leads the in-person conversations?

The Nisonger Center makes it a priority to hire self-advocates and family members of individuals with disabilities as interviewers. These interviewers come from across the state of Ohio. Please call NCI project staff at 1-888-685-0984 if interested.  Click here to Meet Our Team

How is the information used?

These outcome data are used to monitor, make decisions, allocate resources, and develop plans to improve the quality of services for the people DODD serves across the state.To see how DODD uses NCI data through reports and figures click here.

You can also view data briefs, generate charts, and state-wide reports for the different core indicators on the official NCI website for Ohio and other participating states here. To view the most current NCI state report for Ohio click here.

Self Advocates talk about their experiences interviewing for the National Core Indicators Project, please watch video here: NCI Interviewers Share Benefits of Job

NCI turns 20 this year!

Watch the tribute to all the hard work contributed by states agencies and our national partners HSRI and NASDDDS here: NCI at 20

For more information, please contact: Anna Sigman at Annamarie.Sigman@osumc.edu or 1-888-685-0984 

APPLY HERE to be an NCI interviewer!