Check it Out!

Are you wondering about wireless switches, and if one will work for your child?  Come on in to the Toy & Technology Library and check out these two options.


The Jelly Beamer has the familiar round red surface to activate.  The size is the same as a jelly bean switch (2.5 inches) and it is set at a slight angle.  The Jelly Beamer provides the typical auditory click sound when you activate it.  This switch requires the same amount of force as the jelly bean switch, so if you child can use a jelly bean switch, then your child should be able to successfully activate this switch also.


A few examples of wireless switches and switch toys


The Mini Beamer is a compact wireless switch, measuring just a little over two inches.  Because it is a proximity switch, it is activated with either a very light touch or when the child is very close to the surface (.4 inch).  The Mini Beamer provides a short beep when it is activated.  Additionally, the Mini Beamer can be set to one of 3 modes:  latching, timed or continuous pressure.